Diana Fairbairn, RN
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I am Diana Fairbairn, a registered nurse (RN) and lymphoedema therapist with a clinic in Lithgow. Please contact me for an initial visit to determine a baseline for early intervention and ongoing treatment.

I offer a friendly, safe environment with gentle treatment for the symptoms of lymphoedema.

I have an L-dex machine which uses bioimpedence spectroscopy to determine the amount of free fluid in the affected compared with the unaffected limb. It means that early intervention treatment can be put in place before ongoing issues such as cellulitis occur. It also means any treatment can be monitored to show it is effective based on the improved L-dex reading.

  My clinic is available 8.30-5 p.m. Monday-Thursday.

  Diana Fairbairn
  0419 437 856
  225 Mort St Lithgow

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Swell Spot Pty Ltd Lymphoedema Therapy


My treatments include:

complex lymphoedema drainage massage

compression bandaging

compression garment fitting

exercise routines

skin care

ongoing home management support